I n 2000, we knew attracting top bankers would bring their clients to our firm.

Today, the same is still true.

We also knew that if we wanted to create loyal clients, we’d have to give them the services they were used to at bigger banks but deliver it in ways the competition simply couldn’t. We would need to be able to meet their every need as if we were a big bank—from personal banking, home loans and investments all the way to large commercial transactions and corporate services. But we wanted to return to a local community bank experience, with personal service and an approach based on advice, not sales.

Today, the same is still true.

This led to the other half of our company’s vision, a simple but lofty statement.

To be the best financial services firm in the Southeast.

To build something better that can disrupt and take advantage of the declining client experience at large banks, our firm has to remove the irritants clients face at other banks. That means personal relationships. A return to responsiveness. A true understanding of our clients and their needs. Helping local businesses and economies.

We believe that if we can make business feel personal again, we can be the bank we all want, the bank our friends and colleagues told us they missed back when we started.

It’s what propelled us to quick success then and what allows us to build on that success today. From operating in just one major market in 2000 to 12 in 2019, our approach to client service hasn’t changed.

Hire the Right People.

This is where it all starts. Unless you get the right team, nothing else matters.

Think big. Act small.

Being a small bank is great. You can focus on clients, spend the time needed to get things right and do everything at a personal level. But you’re limited in what you can offer and how much you can lend. We think we are at a perfect spot to meet our clients’ needs while keeping that same personal level of service, even as we continue to grow our scale and geographic footprint.

Why Pinnacle
Feels Like Family
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The Banker and
the Country Star
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Give advice, not a sales pitch.

Working in a client’s best interest should be a given, but sales cultures often don’t incentivize it. When we truly understand a client’s situation, we can see what they need (and what they don’t) and design solutions to meet them. Clients can tell when they’re treated like part of a campaign or scorecard. By breaking that expectation with advice backed by services that work, our associates can earn the status of trusted advisor and win lifelong loyalty.

Make it easy.

Working with your banker should never feel like work. Organizations too often streamline back office operations by adding extra steps and inconvenience to the client experience. Instead, our focus on being easy to do business with removes barriers to great service and the irritants you often find at big banks.

Keep it local.

People should be served by experienced professionals who live and work near them. They can see a situation firsthand, connect with a client on a personal level and make decisions that will help everyone involved. When you empower local leaders and bankers, you eliminate bureaucracy and make everything move more quickly.

These are not initiatives you can decide to implement years later at an existing company. You have to be built for it from the beginning. That’s what we knew when we founded Pinnacle, and it’s what still drives our organic growth today.



Up 11.7% from 2018



Up 7.1% from 2018



Up 9.8% from 2018


Net Interest Income

Up 4% from 2018


Non-interest Income

Up 31% from 2018

Pinnacle earned 29 Greenwich Excellence Awards, tied for most in the nation, for small business and middle market banking. Winning categories included Likelihood to Recommend and Overall Satisfaction. Greenwich Associates is a leading provider of market research in financial services. Learn more about what this means for our firm.

Adding Value
to Clients' Lives
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Our client surveys tell us clients believe our people are better than the rest.


Demonstrates knowledge and experience necessary to meet my needs.


Listens to me and understands my needs before proposing a solution.


Provides timely responses to my requests.


Ensures accuracy in all our work.


Delivers against his/her commitments.


Is recognizably better than his/her competitors.

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Corporate Responsibility

Pinnacle was built with a desire to give business owners and individuals service they can’t get anywhere else. It’s a strategic decision to operate this way, but it’s also a calling to lift our local communities and economies by giving people a responsible and responsive bank that invests in their success.

We seek to make a difference for our clients:

  • 91% of 540,000 client calls were answered by our Client Service Center within 3 rings.
  • 95% of clients who call our Client Service Center strongly agree that we met their needs or resolved their issue.
  • 600+ small business leaders completed an 8-week learning program we developed focused on better business management.
  • 1,000+ people attended workshops hosted by Pinnacle on personal and business finance topics.
  • 100% of associates completed training on information security and privacy practices to keep clients’ data safe.
  • Developed new complaint policy training and administered it to all associates across the firm.
  • 231 complaints were logged and resolved, the majority in response to an online banking conversion.

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Investing in people and communities is part of our DNA. We feel a sense of duty to remove barriers and level the playing field, so we all have the opportunity to be successful.

We seek to make a difference in our communities:

  • $3.84 million invested in community causes and nonprofits
  • $35.6 million investment and lending for LIHTC projects for 687 affordable housing units
  • $240 million in lending through Freddie Mac Small Balance Loans for multifamily projects in affordable and underserved markets
  • 815 home loans worth $137.6 million made to low- and moderate-income individuals
  • 21,435 associate volunteer hours to 2,538 organizations