Corporate Responsibility

The word “responsibility” hardly does justice to Pinnacle’s commitment to our clients, associates and community. Being a good corporate citizen is not an obligation or a checkmark. It’s our purpose, our passion and a continuous journey. This year, we report on corporate responsibility for the first time, but it’s not a new focus. Treating people well and supporting our communities are fundamental parts of who we are and why we exist. We’re excited that our shareholders have a growing interest in Pinnacle’s leadership on important social topics. In addition, our efforts in these areas increase our brand equity and ability to recruit associates who share our purpose and mission.

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image description Excited Associates

Part of our commitment to people is a belief that everyone deserves a great place to work. There’s no disputing that we’re a national leader in this area. With a positive and collaborative workplace, shared goals and incentives and a culture of fairness and transparency, we seek to make a difference with our associates.

image description Engaged Clients

Pinnacle was built with a commitment to service and to improving the quality of life for individuals and businesses in our markets. By delivering unmatched service, being responsive to their needs and providing opportunities for them to develop as leaders, we seek to make a difference for our clients.

image description Empowered Communities

Investing in people and communities is part of our DNA. We feel a sense of duty to remove barriers and level the playing field, so we all have the opportunity to be successful. With our support for affordable housing, generous community investments and more than 25,000 volunteer hours, we seek to make a difference in our communities.

image description Enriched Shareholders

Pinnacle’s commitment to doing the right thing and focus on people extends to our shareholders. We take seriously our responsibility to communicate, engage and respond to shareholder needs. By engaging in two-way communication, governing responsibly and operating sustainably, we seek to make a difference for our shareholders.